b. Aeroponic Equipment Modules

easily and dramatically improve your crop growing capacity in your existing farm with our aeroponic equipment. Extremely cost-efficient.

Options we offer for our large scale vertical aeroponic farm equipment include:

The Community Farm. All the elements of a well rounded farm. .

c. Design-Build Services

we can design & build a complete farm for you in your own space, from small to hyper-large. 

The farm shown above is about 5,000 SF of net farm area, and represents growing a variety of crops in our patented aeroponic equipment, all under one roof.  From Salad Mix to Heirloom Tomatoes, Strawberries, Beans, Squash, Butterhead Lettuce and Peppers. You CAN grow it all in our equipment.

You Have Choices To Own The Best

Complete Vertical Aeroponic Farm Packages--

Or Easy To Install Modules to add to an existing farm--



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Single Level Large Scale Profile View-  Achieves up to 40 plants per square foot of actual growing area

a. Packaged "Install Yourself" Farms 

everything we include in a farm we would build for you in your own space, only you save money on the installation by doing it yourself.

Nearly 2 years in Design, Prototyping, Testing, Proof of Concept on Crop Growing, Refinement and IP Patent Processing, our products are designed and built to provide many years of economical service.

You will have the best indoor agriculture equipment you can buy, at the most attractive price of any equipment on the market

Two Level Large Scale Profile View- Achieves up to 80 plants per square foot of actual growing area.

Package Price, Above Farm: $15,260,000 USD

​Equipment, Supervision, Training included. Facility Build-Out Not Included

Floorplan Example-- Large Scale Vertical Aeroponic Indoor Farm 

Large plant systems available for: tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans.  Ask us.

Now Interviewing International Distributors and Licensing Partners

Multiple U.S. Patents Issued