Multiple U.S. Patents Issued

2016 and 2017

  • Operate in a ceiling height of 8 feet.
  • No Ladders and No Sky-lifts, ever!
  • You have 40 plant sites per square foot of floor area in the farm itself
  • Plants have ample room to grow quickly to any size you want
  • Grow many varieties of crops in this equipment, we show you how!
  • Food Safety by design in the whole farm
  • Complete training is included, as well as on-going e-learning for your staff
  • Our growing team provides continual support to your farm
  • Easy to maintain and clean

We can design and build the farm for you,

or, you can install it yourself with your own staff.

Either way, you will have the highest yielding indoor farm there is

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Real Solutions to real Problems in Food Supply

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Thoughtful design leads to optimal functionality

The highest crop growing capacity of any indoor equipment, easy to operate and maintain.

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The Community Farm. All the elements of a well rounded farm. .

Floorplan Example-- Large Scale Vertical Aeroponic Indoor Farm 

Nearly 2 years in Design, Prototyping, Testing, Proof of Concept on Crop Growing, Refinement and IP Patent Processing, our products are designed and built to provide many years of economical service, and the fastest Return on Investment out there.

Specs for the above shown farm layout:  54,400 SF of Gross Building / 44,800 SF of Net Farm area.       9,600 SF of Support Space.  Farm Capacity:  1,820,000 plant sites on two levels or 910,000 plant sites on one level.  You could grow one crop, or you could grow thirty different crops, we can teach you how.